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Healthy Cities

Long-term protection of the Mahomet Aquifer, our sole-source water supply, should remain a top priority.  I advocated for approval of a consent decree in 2015 which halted storage of toxic PCBs and Manufactured Gas Plant waste in the Clinton Landfill located over the aquifer.  We now must closely monitor activity at the landfill and insist that the Illinois Attorney General and Illinois EPA vigorously enforce the terms of the consent decree, especially with regard to regular testing and reporting.  We also must seek changes in state law to further protect our water supply. 

I support development of local and regional food systems as one way to grow our economic base and expand access to nutritious foods.  Urbana's Market at the Square is one of the oldest and largest farmer's markets in Illinois.  In 2015, approximately 127,000 people visited the Market to purchase Illinois-grown food and artisan items.   We sponsored a nutrition/farm linkage program for children called Sprouts at the Market and  hosted Art at the Market and  other community programs. The City partners with the Eastern Illinois Foodbank and the supplemental food program to make market food more affordable and accessible.  I served on the Strategic Planning  Committee for Market at the Square and represent the City Council on the Market's Advisory Board.  

I want to explore ways to utilize city-owned land to encourage community gardeners and beginning farmers to grow food for people.  The Lierman Neighborhood Community Garden is an example of this community partnership.  In 2012, the City made a vacant lot at the corner of Lierman Ave. and Washington St.  available to neighborhood residents. They built a community garden with help from residents, local businesses,  and religious organizations. In 2015, 173 households received fresh vegetables and herbs free of charge from the garden.  Income from garden plot rentals help support the effort.   

I support policies that create cities for people.  I'll advocate for more pedestrian-friendly infrastructure such as sidewalks/multiuse paths and streetlights in our neighborhoods.  Our emphasis on infill development and encouraging housing construction in downtown Urbana prevents sprawl and makes for a more livable community.  

I am very proud of the City of Urbana's leadership in recycling.  I served on the Governing Council of the Community Recycling Center when we pioneered curbside pickup of recyclables and later expanded service to businesses.  Urbana continues to lead by example through its self-sustaining Landscape Recycling Center.  

And, I like goats.

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